The Hair Trigger game was developed to engage new audiences about nuclear threats, specifically the dangers of the risky hair-trigger status of U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons.

The game combines strategy and speed as the player, acting as a newly elected U.S. President, works with the Russian president to take nuclear weapons off of hair-trigger status before a catastrophe occurs.

The game includes presidential advisors—who frequently give conflicting guidance. Throughout the game, events and incidents “ripped from the headlines” — from historic close calls to cheating scandals to a Stuxnet-type incident — affect play. Players decide whether to use political capital (the “points” of the game) to negotiate deals or take unilateral action to take weapons off hair-trigger alert. Russians then respond. Will we survive?

With thanks to Hair Trigger voice actors:  Harry Hamlin, Ann Lyles MacPhail, Bill Rohlfing, Pavel Sharikov, Natalie Graves Tucker

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